Santiago hits, Locsin defends martial law

Biazon slams Devanadera for poor defense

MANILA, Philippines (1st UPDATE) – An apparent debate between Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and Makati City Rep. Teodoro Locsin on martial law in Maguindanao stood out in the second day of Congress’ joint session.

Santiago opposed while Locsin defended Proclamation 1959 declaring martial law and suspending the writ of habeas corpus in Maguindanao.

“It is not without irony that I stand here defending martial law. But I do defend it. Nowhere and at no time has martial law been justified nor based more sufficiently or incontrovertible facts…. Look at the bodies. Look at the arms stockpiles,” Locsin told the plenary.

As publisher of the Philippines’ Free Press, Locsin’s father was among those detained by President Marcos when martial law was declared in September 1972.

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