Raped or robbed in Ampatuan? The tale of the slain women’s unzipped pants

Most if not all of the women’s pants were unzipped, but this wasn’t the case among the males victimized in the massacre, observes police Chief. Supt. Felicisimo Khu Jr., the head of a group of authorities that investigated the November 23 crime scene in Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

“It therefore gives you the impression that the women were raped,” says Khu, deputy director general for administration of the Philippine National Police in Region 12.

But vaginal smear tests conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation yielded negative results. Not one of the 15 women examined had traces of human sperm, Floresto Arizala, chief of the NBI’s Medico-Legal Division said on Monday.

If they were not raped, why then were their pants unzipped, and some even almost pulled down?

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