Ex-cabinet men gather in force to support Erap bid

President Joseph Estrada

President Joseph Estrada

Nine people who once made up former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada’s Cabinet gathered on Thursday to express support for his presidential bid.

“Ever since, we’ve been solid,” said former Energy Secretary Mario Tiaoqui at the Rotary Club of Manila meeting at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City.

“I guess it’s just more of a reaffirmation of our continued support for the president,” he added.

Also present in the event were former presidential spokesman Ronaldo “Dong” Puno, Bienvenido Laguesma (Labor), Benjamin Diokno (Budget), Alberto “Quasi” Romualdez (Health), Jun Rivera (Public Works), Renato “Boy” Ampil (Customs), and Rod Reyes (Press Secretary).


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