Grooming, botox — tools for presidential candidates?

MANILA - Whether it’s botox injections, hair implants or a swank new wardrobe; presidential candidates have strategies for boosting their public image.

Projecting a good image during election time is very important in winning votes.

Winning the hearts and minds of voters, however, goes beyond just clothes and makeup, says image consultant Pat Castillo.

Though a candidate’s platform and stands on issues are more important than looks; factors like voice modulation, appeal, conduct in public and other visual cues can make up a candidate’s winning “package.”

“Image is everything that can be seen,” said Castillo, who is also a coach at John Robert Powers (JRP), an acting and modeling agency.

JRP offers speech, confidence-building and personality workshops for election candidates. Programs can be customized based on the recommendations of the candidates’ media handlers, chiefs of staff, or stylists.

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