Text in and be tracked

There’s another innovative project that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is experimenting on, which the populace seems to welcome and wishes to be further expanded, in contrast to some that have been proven to be unpopular but have stayed on for unexplained reasons, like the much maligned u-turns.

The ‘Trip Tracker’ is introduced by MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando to secure people who take public transport by logging the vehicles’ description, body number and plate number for possible future reference or tracking should something untoward happens to the commuter.

In an interview I had with MMDA executive, Angelito Vergel de Dios on the segment Motoring Forumof the long-running TV show Motoring Today, the executive director for traffic operations described how the system works. All a commuter has to do upon riding on the public utility vehicle is to text his or her name and the particulars of the vehicle. All these information would be logged into a central file and can be easily accessed should there be a need to track the said vehicle.


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