Lea Salonga saves the best for her Pinoy fans this December

Lea Salonga

Although international theater actress and singer Lea Salonga’s forthcoming concert “Lea Salonga…Your Songs” is her only one in Manila in 2009, she intends to make it worth the wait by ensuring it will be the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Calling “Your Songs” the concert for the fans and by her fans, concert producer AmbientMedia and Lea are currently conducting an online poll via www.LEAyoursongs.com through which people could request for songs they want to hear from the superstar.

“We will choose songs that I don’t usually sing in my concerts or those that are already on DVD or CD. If I have to learn an all-new repertoire, I’ll do that just so my fans are happy,” she said.

Not one to hold a generic type of concert, Lea always comes up with an interesting concept for every show she does. Some of the themes she has used in the past are Broadway, OPM and standards.

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