Miriam raps Puno et al for ‘apocalyptic corruption’

‘Dodie’ Puno confident Ombudsman will clear him

MANILA – Administration Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Monday asked the Senate to file plunder charges against the former executive director of the Road Board, Rodolfo “Dodie” Puno, and other officials for “apocalyptic corruption” stemming from the alleged misuse of some P60.5 billion in road users’ tax that should have gone to construction and repair of roads and drainage systems.

Santiago also warned Puno against hitting back, or else she would “expose skeletons in his closet, including his girlfriends” who supposedly benefited from the alleged fund misuse.

Santiago made the recommendation in a committee report which she sponsored on the floor.

She cited a Commission on Audit report on Puno’s failure to account for the funds, and his refusal to justify the expenditure despite the COA’s demands.

Santiago also noted Puno’s flamboyant display of wealth, implying this came from the fund that he managed from 2005 to 2008

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