Pacquiao eyes history again with 7th title

LEAN AND MEAN Manny Pacquiao lifts his shirt to show his six-pack beside two beauties at the Wild Card gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Pacquiao is in the final stretches of his training for his Nov. 14 fight against Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas. AFP

LOS ANGELES — To pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao, size really doesn’t matter.

The Filipino boxing hero, gearing up for a world title clash with Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto that could give Pacquiao yet another slice of boxing history, doesn’t put much stock in those who say Cotto’s superior size could prove too much.

“I have heard that a couple of times the past two years,” Pacquiao said with a smile on Wednesday as reporters, photographers and TV cameramen jammed Hollywood’s Wild Card boxing club to see him train.

After all, Pacquiao’s most recent victories have come against bigger opponents.

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