Comelec urged: Let showbiz politicians work after filing

Ara Mina

Advisory for actor-politicians out next week

MANILA – Actress Ara Mina, who intends to run in the 2010 elections, appealed to the poll body on Tuesday afternoon to allow her to continue appearing on TV after she files her certificate of candidacy this month, arguing that she can’t afford to lose her source of income way ahead of the official campaign period.

Mina submitted to the office of Commission on Elections (Comelec) chair Jose Melo her appeal letter, which was also signed by 2 other TV personalities eyeing local elective posts in next year. They were Maybeline dela Cruz of the soap opera “May Tinik sa Dibdib” and Alfred Vargas, a member of the “Darna” cast.

She said the letter hopes to clarify Comelec rules on actors and actresses who will join the 2010 races.

Because of the automation of the elections, the Comelec pushed back to as early as December 1 the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacies because it needs more time to print the new type of ballots, where the names of candidates are all printed.

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