Politics takes back seat at Mar-Korina wedding

TALK OF THE TOWN With arms raised in a victory campaign mode, bride and groom face the public for the first time as Sen. and Mrs. Mar Roxas (nee Korina Sanchez) after Tuesday’s wedding rites at Santo Domingo Church.

 MANILA, Philippines—The rites began an hour and a half behind the printed schedule. There was no empty space at the cavernous Santo Domingo Church that could seat as many as 5,000.

The afternoon temperature inside the church was threatening to go from warm to hot. Yet all these conditions seemed to have been ignored the moment the bride, a few seconds after taking her place before the altar, raised her hand, and with a dainty hankie, dabbed the sweat off the forehead of her groom.

Now that was the shot—not only for the sardined crowd in the church, but more so, for the possibly millions of viewers watching the live wedding on television.

The wedding Tuesday afternoon of Sen. Manuel “Mar” A. Roxas II and TV broadcaster Korina Maria B. Sanchez at Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City was undoubtedly a made-for-TV wedding. And it’s not incidental that Roxas is the Liberal Party’s (LP) vice presidential candidate.

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