2 Bangladeshis face trial for raping 2 Pinays in UAE

Two Bangladeshis faced trial in the United Arab Emirates over the weekend over charges they kidnapped and raped two Filipino women last April.

A report posted on UAE-based news site Khaleej Times (www.khaleejtimes.com) did not name the Bangladeshis but said one of them was a salesman and the other a driver.

Both men went on trial Sunday in the Court of First Instance on charges of kidnapping, illegal confinement, rape and attempted human trafficking.

The two, described as in their 30s, were accused of kidnapping two Filipino housemaids on April 5 as they were walking down a street in Bani Yas in Abu Dhabi.

Both men allegedly drove the Filipino women to an apartment in the Naif area in Dubai where they confined them for a couple of days.

They later allegedly raped them and tried to force the women into prostitution


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