Aquino gets taste of ‘mob’ treatment

MANILA, Philippines—Keep your hanky in your pocket next time you meet Noynoy Aquino. And don’t wipe it on his face or on his shoes.

Speaking at Monday’s induction of new supporters in Quezon City, Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III described how he felt being “mobbed” in a public appearance shortly after he declared his candidacy for president.

“It was at Baclaran that I first tasted what it is like to be mobbed,” he said.

“Some people who passed by me took out their handkerchiefs and wiped them on me. I thought there was something dirty on me but when I looked back at them, they were wiping themselves (with the hankies),” he added.

“I thought, isn’t that what people do to saints? But I am still alive.”


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