A big leap for Eugene Domingo

After years of providing good support to the biggest and brightest stars in their movie and television projects, first-rate comedienne Eugene Domingo gets her chance to be by herself in a lead role. Titled “Kimmy Dora,” the film opened Wednesday and many were hopeful that it will do well in the box-office, the real gauge for us to say, with conviction, that Eugene has finally arrived and that she can now carry her own film.

In “Kimmy Dora,” Eugene plays not just one, but two characters. Kimmy and Dora are identical twins, both heiresses to the Go Dong Hae business empire. Kimmy is a certified “bitch” and Dora acts almost like a “special child.” How Eugene can dish out distinct and credible personalities to both characters is something we look forward to finding out.

We have received favorable comments from those who have watched the special screening of “Kimmy Dora” last week at the Shang Cineplex and being one of them, we certainly believe the good reviews are well deserved.


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