It’s all about fashion at SM’s Augustyle

MANILA, Philippines – With the rains in full effect that day, it was easy to feel the blues. Good thing SM brought a much-needed dose of bright fashion ideas through its Augustyle Fashion Forum. Hosted by VJ Joey Mead, the forum featured beauty and fashion experts sharing the latest trends.

The Augustyle Fashion Forum also held a mini fashion show that focused on SM’s latest collections. Everyone who attended the event went away armed with helpful tips on sprucing up their wardrobe.

For example, girls’ teens wear need not be drab black-and-white ensembles. By adding a hint of pink or colored details, the outfit becomes unique and more personal.

For those who love their LBDs, why not add frills and textured details for an even more eye-catching affair? Even work wear can spell powerful and fabulous by adding a twist or playing with shapes that flatter the body.

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