Who are showbiz’s polite stars?

This is a continuation of my list of the polite and courteous young stars in I’m glad that the list is long because that means this world is getting to be a much better place with well-mannered young people. And so here is the second part: .

KC Concepcion — The classic like mother, like daughter. She obviously inherited the excellent public relations skills of her mother, Sharon Cuneta. I knew her as a kid and to my surprise, she said that she also remembers me. (We were in Boston around the same time a little more than a decade ago.) When I interviewed her last year as part of the promo for her movie For the First Time, we hugged each other warmly and it seemed like it was only yesterday when we bumped accidentally into each other at the Boston Common (she was with Sharon and then Senator-to-be Francis Pangilinan) and we screamed with delight at the chance meeting. She was practically just a kid then, but look at how she’s grown — so beautiful. Her heart, however, hardly changed. She’s still the same nice kid, who I watched play in the corridors of St. Luke’s Medical Center when I visited her mother after a slip at the New Frontier Theater during the premiere night of one of her movies in the early ’90s. KC may be all woman now, but in my eyes she’s still the same polite and courteous little girl I knew from way back.

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