Once more with peeling

Dear Ms. Tingting,

I’ve heard about the phenomenon of facial peeling. Is there any at-home peel that is just as effective and you can just do in the privacy of your own bathroom? Would you recommend the Maxi Peel and Extraderm brands that are available in any drugstore?

Ana Cachin

Peeling is today’s most commonly used technique by dermatologists to clear away the damaged surface layer of skin.

Maxi Peel and Extraderm are lower in strength, but they do have some benefits. Chemical peel by your dermatologist with AHA and BHA is higher in strength than that you can find in an over-the-counter product or in spas. I strongly recommend you ask your dermatologist about this. IPLs can be done at home by doctors and beauticians who have their small machines and can do it in your own home.

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