Be healthy and sexy

The phrase ‘healthy is sexy’ would really catch one’s attention. Commonly, health is associated for not being sick, as common sense dictates.  However, this generation, being called a fast-food generation by many, gives little attention to health.  Or if they do, the road to health is as complicated as an English maze in which many are lost.  While for some, they fully understand the concept but taking the first step is as complex as solving a rubrics puzzle. Aside from this, being healthy and sexy at the same time is much more of a challenge.  It is like maintaining a perfect eight figure while balancing a bank account.

Sigh.  What would an urbanite do?  Many have drafted their plans on how to be healthy and sexy but time is essential.  Urbanites would rather think of ways on how to create opportunities or how to spot ones than plan their meals and be sexy.  Hence, the great plans of achieving a gorgeous and gregarious body would just be, well, a plan.

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