BayanTel launches computer literacy program for elderly

MANILA – Elderly Filipinos can now unleash the “techie” in them as Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (BayanTel) launches its computer literacy program for the aged.

The “Teach Lola” campaign aims to teach the elderly how to use the Internet in line with BayanTel’s aim to make the World Wide Web accessible to all segments of the market.

Under the program, older people will be taught computer and Internet basics by their more computer-literate grandkids using online manuals or by attending “Teach Lola” workshops.

The program was inspired by BayanTel’s funny TV ads featuring “Lola Techie” a computer-savvy grandma who, in her spare time, plays a shooter video game Counterstrike, “Superpokes” her grandkids on Facebook, or links up with friends via webcam and online chat.

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