Aiza doesn’t want to rock the boat

MANILA, Philippines – Being called lucky and feeling it to the bone are two different things. The first is something people think of you. The second is something you believe in with all your heart because you feel light and easy the minute you wake up.

Aiza Seguerra now knows how it feels to be both.

“I can’t ask for anything more,” she says.

Aiza is happy with her long-time partner, Chen Sarte, whom her parents approve of. For her, Aiza tearfully composed the love song Tanging Ikaw, a cut from her latest album, Aiza Seguerra Live! (Star Records).

“I wrote it one evening while she was sleeping,” recalls Aiza. So inspired is she these days Aiza can’t help but share, “I can’t ask for anything more. I won’t do anything to destroy the happiness I feel.”

Chen is not only her sweetheart, she’s also Aiza’s number one critic.

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