Women of Style: Crickette, Nicole & Camille Tantoco: Bonding through fashion

Fashion has always been a bonding point between mothers and daughters. A daughter’s first fashion icon is usually her mother. While young, she tries on Mom’s heels, hobbling around in pumps inches too big. Steals her favorite tube of lipstick. Piles on her pearls, lets her dress trail on the floor. It’s Mom who dresses her up first, who buys her first pair of earrings, first training bra, prom dress; Mom’s designer choices that introduce the concept of luxury; Mom’s jewelry pieces that become valuable heirlooms.

Fashion has always been a bonding point between Shopwise’s former vice-president for merchandising and marketing Crickette Tantoco and her daughters, twin girls Camille and Nicole Tantoco, writers for The STAR’s Young Star section and now 19 years of age. She seems to know their clothes by heart, ticking off clothing options for the girls for the shoot off the top of her head. (“Camille, why don’t you wear your Banana Republic?” “Nicole, you wear your vest with your leggings, right?”).

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