Noisy naughty Kamikazee

The new Kamikazee album is titled Long Time Noisy and noisy indeed is the best word to describe the group. Noisy, then add daring and irreverent, with members constantly pushing convention to the limits. If you like Pinoy head-banging stuff and is not squeamish about cursing or references to genitalia, then Kamikazee, which derived its name from the Japanese suicide pilots of World War II is the band for you.

Then Narda happened. The song was part of Kamikazee’s second CD Maharot. It was a love song with a strong pop vibe, wholesome language and a theme about unrequited love that may or may not refer to the country’s favorite super heroine, Mars Ravelo’s Darna. All of a sudden, Kamikazee had gone wholesome, respectable even, with doting parents everywhere encouraging kids to sing Narda.

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