San Carlos-based COA Audit Team 3 honored

SAN Carlos City-based Commission on Audit (COA) Audit Team 3 was recently honored with four awards for its outstanding performance.

The awards, given to State Auditor III Perico Hernaez and State Auditor II Leah Ilusorio, were from the Office of the Commission on Audit, Local Government Sector, Sub-Cluster III Region VI in Iloilo City.

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Said awards were given through State Auditor V Arlene Togonon, Sub-Cluster III supervising auditor, during a recent COA conference at the Provincial Auditor’s Office here in Bacolod.

Out of the four honors, three of the awards were given to both Hernaez and Ilusorio.

COA Audit Team 3 was reported as the first team to complete the submission of 2008 Annual Audit Reports under their audit jurisdiction.

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