Will Arroyo do a Cory in her last SONA?

Cory said ‘Paalam’ in final SONA..

Former President Corazon Aquino herself was being prodded to run for a second term as her stay in Malacañang was about to end.

It was explained to Aquino that the single-term limit did not apply to her since she did not come to power under the present Constitution that bars presidents from seeking reelection.

“But my answer was a categorical no,” Aquino remembers telling advisers in an essay in her book In the Name of Democracy and Prayer, an anthology of her selected speeches published in 1995.

“I had not been inaugurated under the present Constitution and it did not bind me in strict terms, but I had campaigned for it and therefore took upon myself the moral obligation to follow, if not its letter then its spirit, that a presidency must accomplish its goal within six years.”

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