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Portmanteaus – we really should approach them with caution. It’s not difficult to see why, seeing as some of the most horrible things in life have involved portmanteaus, from the dreaded “walkathon” to the even more fearsome “Bennifer.” We must, however, concede that some portmanteaus, like “chocoholic,” are quite attractive. Thankfully, Tapella belongs to the second category.

Tapella is a combination of the words “tapas” and “paella,” minus a few letters, and it is quite as unabashedly Spanish as its chef-owner Alexandra Cacho and her husband Chit. It is no secret that the Spanish food scene has grown even more popular over the years, thanks to such gastronomic temples as El Bulli, Mugaritz and Arzak. There is no doubt that those three restaurants have changed the face of Spanish cuisine forever, but that doesn’t mean that the foundations of Spanish food have been lost. Indeed, the age-old traditions of the tapas and paella live on at Tapella.

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