Pacman likes Pokwang’s Aling Dionisia spoof

FOR the longest time, Pokwang thought that Manny Pacquiao might not like her for spoofing his mom Aling Dionisia. One surprise phone call changed that.

“Akala ko si Pooh ’yung tumawag at nagpanggap na siya si Manny. Sinabihan ko pa na ‘wag niya ako biruin [I thought it was Pooh calling, pretending to be Manny. I told him to stop playing tricks on me],” Pokie recalls. “Laking gulat ko na si Manny pala ’yung kausap ko [I was surprised to know that I was talking to Manny]. He invited Pooh and me to the fiesta in Gen San. Tuwang-tuwa pala siya sa pag- spoof namin sa kanya at sa mom niya [He found my spoof of his mom funny].”

But Pokie and Mommy D have yet to meet face to face. “She said she wants to guest in ‘Wowowee’ at mag-ballroom dancing daw kami sa show [and we’ll do ballroom dancing in the show],” relates Pokie.


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