Crossing Borders happened – Atty. Mike Templo

I’ve been hosting a talk show on ANC/TFC called Crossing Borders, which just concluded its first season last week. The concept of the show is empowering the Filipino, wherever in the world he finds himself. It’s a self-help show that tackles issues and concerns that Filipinos face when they are abroad – from immigration, employment, human trafficking, psychological matters, financial matters, and the list goes on.

The objective is to provide the viewers with reliable and up-to-date information from myself and from experts that we guest on the show. Through the show, Filipinos would be able to help themselves deal with their concerns or know where to find help. And of course, my favorites is the Q&A portion, where I get to answer questions on U.S. immigration that people send in via email, text, or post on our multiply site.

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