The stars of the ’80s: Where are they now?

Oops! I just killed somebody. When I did a two-part Whatever Happened To… series on celebrities of the ‘60s and ’70s in this column recently, I mentioned the name of former sweet star-turned-sexy actress Jessica (Pica, the surname she never used on screen), who I said was a product of The Nite Owl dance-variety program hosted by the “late” Lito Gorospe. My mistake. Somebody called up The Philippine Star office weeks ago and spoke to our Ver Paulino and to say that Mr. Gorospe is still very much alive (and I’m glad that he is because he was among the best TV announcers of his time). Lito Gorospe, in fact, hosts a radio program every Sunday (4 to 5 p.m.) on DWBR. To Mr. Gorospe, I’m truly sorry. We may never have met, but I wish you the best — and long life.

In line with that series of nostalgia articles, Tony dela Rea also wrote to tell me that former bombshell Jessette Prospero is still around doing character roles for Star Magic. Her equally sexy sister Jennifer, however, is now living in the United States.


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