An easy skincare alternative

The road to a healthy, glowing complexion is as easy as 1,2,3 says Filipina icon Lea Salonga.

As much as many women find it very necessary to pamper themselves, go to salons and get facials in spas every week, truth of the matter is, they simply can’t, as their ever-so-hectic schedules and their tight budgets won’t let them. But however tough the times are and  demanding work could be, there is no escaping the apparent that women need their dose of beauty and confidence pick-me-uppers. Why? Nowadays, it’s more shameful to go in public with a wrinkled and pockmarked skin than to make a major fashion faux pas—and many have taken notice.

Achieving such perfectly clear, healthy, and smooth skin may seem unattainable especially to ordinary women who can’t afford to break the bank with ludicrously exorbitant professional anti-aging skin treatments. But at a recent Avon event at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, performer and Filipina icon Lea Salonga begged to disagree.

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