Going to Ibiza

Summer’s over, but here’s a resort still worth a visit.

Looking for a place to spend a day or two away from the busy metropolis? There’s this not-so-far and yet refreshing place in Antipolo where such goals can be met. Called Casa Ibiza, this resort ensures you that summer vacation-feel minus the overcrowding and without spending that much. On top of that, the food being offered captures the island-feel to keep you going away from the nearby city each week.

Luna, the resort’s restaurant outlet, is headed by Chef Mike Santiago, a product of CCA (Center for Culinary Arts), and a trusted head cook of Casa’s on-top woman, the pretty and perfectionist Danielle Lee. Danielle is the sister of model-socialite Divine Lee and daughter of high-profile businessman Delfin Lee. No wonder she was labeled the “Dynamic Heiress” when she once joined a reality TV show for today’s It girls.

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