Putting on the glitter in lean times

Fully-beaded ‘power’ bags for the cost-conscious maximalist.

Exploring his ideas about artistry, spirituality and the pure pleasure of beautiful things, noted beadwork and embroidery artist Amir Sali recently ventured into creating a line of delicate and yet visually powerful, one-off couture bags. The designer, for whom couture comes naturally, translated his particular aesthetic and emotive explorations in beadwork into marvelously expressive design statements—“power bags” or “character bags,” as he calls them—reflecting intelligent, witty, and eloquent abbreviations of style.

The development of the bag line came in 2007, with Sali’s realization of the potential of his craft for creating specialized bags. At the same time, prodded by early signs of the global economic downturn, the designer saw that fully-beaded couture bags could also be a less expensive and yet more versatile alternative (paired well with classic, simple silhouettes) to fully-beaded couture gowns—a more forgiving yet nevertheless luxurious option in the wake of fashion’s impending wake-up call.

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