Make your 7-year-old comprehend, not memorize

MANILA, Philippines – Middle childhood, (seven to 12 years old) or “latency,” was once thought to be uneventful in a child’s life. They were the “calm years” before the “storm” of adolescence.

Recently, middle childhood years are proven to be not so uneventful. In fact, the seven to 12 years span is considered critical in cognitive development. Cognition is “knowing” and the process of thinking. Psychologists cite important factors and critical structures in the thinking processes of the brain, which need to be developed in middle childhood. Unless these so-called “mental structures” are developed, the child cannot go to the next stage of higher-level thinking—or what they call formal thought.
Many adults are still stuck in the thinking level of middle childhood. Many do not achieve high-level thought.

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