A new name with an old charm

The tradition of homegrown Spanish cuisine lives on for this seasoned restaurant.

On April 26, 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, the Basque town of Guernica was bombed by insurgent German air raiders causing massive destruction and civilian deaths. Five days after the tragic event, Pablo Picasso created the Guernica, a huge black and white painting that symbolizes the inhumanity, brutality and hopelessness of war and the effects of such cruelty to innocent civilians.

Eighteen years later, a wall-sized replica of Picasso’s famous anti-war painting can be found strategically mounted in Guernica’s Restaurant in Ermita, Manila. Owned by Señor Jose Hormachea — a well-known jai-alai player from Guernica, Spain – Guernica’s was put up in the name of Picasso’s painting and in honor of Hormachea’s beloved hometown.

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