Establishment at The Fort Review

Ok, I’ve been living in the Philippines for the last 2 1/2 years.  I’ve seen clubs and bars come and go and I just wanted to get my review of Establishment the new bar at The Fort out there for all to read.

First, I went there on a Saturday night which had a nicely dressed crowd full of the rich and famous 30-40+ age group.  Not my target market when I want to have fun but I’m sure there were some business deals going down.

OK, on to my experience…

I placed my order for a Mojito, which on a slow Monday night took about 20 minutes to be delivered! What were they doing the entire time? A Mojito is a simple drink…just lime, sugar, mint, and rum.  Well for some reason they decided to literally blend the mint into microscopic pieces which left me picking mint out of my teeth for the next 30 minutes.

Bad drinks, high prices, and slow service, not a good way to treat potential customers.  Hopefully they’ll get this ironed out fast!

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