Franchising business to generate 100,000 jobs

An expanded franchising business in the Philippines can generate additional 100,000 jobs this year.

Franchising is still an effective tool to combat global recession especially for overseas Filipino workers (OFW) with minimum capital.

It is also targeting those retired and even displaced workers who have enough savings and massive network with business friends.

This was exclusively relayed to ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau by Samie Lim, chairman of the Philippine Franchise Association or PFA after attending the World Franchise Council Meeting in Paris.

Lim outlines three specific businesses that Filipinos can concentrate on at this time, which do not require huge cash investment.

These are in the food, fashion and service sectors like health and beauty salons.

There is currently an exchange program between PFA and their European Union counterparts aimed at reviewing the franchise business in both regions.

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