‘I have a boss. His name is God’

Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales

I share one thing with Jericho “Echo” Rosales and it’s inside the drawer of my desk at home and in The STAR office. It has been my “savior” for years, in fact since I was at Tabaco Pei Ching High School in (now) Tabaco City, Albay. It’s one thing I can’t live without, especially when I’m traveling.

You didn’t guess what it is, did you? Yes, SkyFlakes! That’s the product Echo is endorsing. Tastes better dunked in milk. Try it.

According to Joy B., drumbeater for the product, SkyFlakes Fit Oat Fiber Crackers contains the same, if not more, fiber than most commercially-available fiber-rich breads. Present in vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates, fiber (a.k.a. “nature’s broom”) promotes digestive health and weight management. Studies show that people who follow a fiber-rich diet are less likely to develop debilitating illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

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