Discover the Best Colors of the Philippines!

When was the last time you took a long break?

Days, weeks and months spent in the metropolis can take its toll on your mind and body. Keeping up with the pace of a modern world can prove to be a tiring feat. Now is the time for you to escape from the harried environment of the city… the time to define your well-deserved perfect weekend.

A holiday with clear skies, turquoise blue calm waters gently lapping at the shore, footprints embedded in soft powdery white sand; A family vacation in a place rich in heritage and culture, mementos that tell of great tales and remarkable courage, timeless works of art bequeathed by a past era; An adventure getaway with amazing breaks and world-class swells, rushing whitewater that will push you to the limit, challenging trails that lead to peaks of breathtaking sights; A solitary escape to a place with gentle breeze, serene lakes and secret lagoons. For us, this is the perfect weekend getaway. [Read full article...]

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