American Idols David C. & David A. coming


•  A celebrated lady is said to be insatiable in bed. “Once is enough” is definitely not her guiding principle because she so overflows with, ehem, “generosity” that she must have it every day. “It’s her elixir,” said somebody who knows the lady very well. “Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi yata ang theme song niya, eh.” Few men can match her, hmmmm, prowess. Is that why a hunky character actor raised the white flag after only a short affair with her? She’s between lovers.

• Could it be true that the new boyfriend of a sexy actress (older sister of another sexy actress) is the grandson of a business tycoon (who owns a newspaper)? The guy’s family reportedly loves the actress so much and treats her like a member.

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