U-K based Pinoy nurse a hero for saving a life

Filipino nurse Ed Torres saved the life of a fellow passenger on a flight back from Mexico to Manchester in Britain.

The 30 year-old, a nurse at Stepping Hills Hospital in Stockport became an instant hero for helping save the life of Darren Smith on flight TOM 161 from Mexico, Cancun going back to Manchester.

While the plane was travelling 30,000 feet high, Smith suffered cardiac arrest, and with the help of the flight crew, Torres and Sharon Slater, a former nurse from Cumbria, attended to Smith to keep him alive.

“My first reaction, I was scared. Kasi first time nangyari sa akin yun,” Torres said. Ed and Slater used an aircraft defibrillator to “restart” Smith’s heart. They stayed with him until the plane landed in Azores. [Read full story...]

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