PAL INTERCLUB SENIORS Canlubang eyes 4th straight title

DAVAO—With two potential top scorers as replacements, Canlubang sets out for a fourth straight Seniors golf championship in the 14th edition of the Philippine Airlines Interclub which tees off simultaneously Thursday at the Apo and Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club courses here.

Jose Mari Hechanova and Philip Brodett, former mainstays of Canlubang’s multi-titled Men’s Regular squad, bring their outstanding games to the 55-year-old and above division for the first time and provide additional boost to an already super-charged team led by defending champion Tommy Manotoc.

Although the acknowledged favorite following its 20-point win last year over Luisita in Bacolod, Manotoc, who is gunning for a fifth straight individual crown, refused to predict easy sailing for Canlubang.

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