Scam witness flees to hospital

Sen. Richard Gordon said yesterday the Senate will place businessman Jaime Paule, the alleged liaison officer of Malacañang linked to the P728-million fertilizer fund scam, under “hospital arrest.”

In a press conference, Gordon, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee, said the Senate sergeant-at-arms will serve the arrest order at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City where Paule was reportedly brought due to a “blocked carotid.”

“I was informed that he is in the hospital. If he is in the hospital, we will serve the arrest order there. He will be placed under hospital arrest if he wants,” Gordon said, adding that the Senate has given Paule a chance to apologize.

He said the Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms (OSSA) has yet to verify whether Paule is indeed at the hospital.

Gordon said 18 members of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee have signed the resolution citing the businessman in contempt for falsely and evasively testifying during the hearings on Jan. 20 and 26.

He said Paule aggravated his lies when he implied that the photograph presented to him during a committee hearing was fabricated by modern techniques. [Read full article...]

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