The chemistry of LOVE

Science is slowly unraveling the mystery behind the most baffling of all emotions—love. Yes, there is so much more behind falling in love than being hit with Cupid’s arrow.

Going down to the most basic level, attraction towards the opposite sex is something genetically ingrained to man because it is crucial in the continuation of our species. But beyond that primal instinct, what makes man capable of love and romance? The discovery of the existence of human pheromones in 1986 by scientists in the Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia presents some clue. Literally meaning “excitement carrier” in Greek, pheromones in the animal world are distinct “scent prints” present in urine and sweat, that dictate the sexual behavior and attract the opposite sex. Through pheromones, animals were able to detect potential partners with immune systems significantly different from their own to ensure healthy offspring.

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