Beating fashion fads

Marlyn RosasGilan gave me a wink and said, “Women of all ages want to wear stylish clothes but more so when their birthday cake doesn’t carry the right number of candles, on purpose.” The icing is much too good to have candles spoil it, right?

After spending more than three decades in the travel industry and with a daughter who no longer demanded too much of her time, Marlyn was ready to do a spin a la Madonna; she reinvented herself.  She pursued something she has always loved: designing and making clothes and accessories that give women an “Oh! I feel pretty” feeling.

Her shop faces a busy street but the parking at the back has ample space for clients and shoppers.  I saw rows of shirts, skirts, dresses, bags and accessories thoughtfully arranged — solids on one side and patterned on another — that were too pretty to ignore.  In fact, her clients swear that Marlyn’s creations jump from the shelves, and they’re close to hearing a  chorus sing, “Choose me, yes ‘me’… I’ll make you gorgeous.”[Read full article...]

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