Telcos help in Banahaw reforestation drive

Reviving the country’s forests will take a lot of seedlings, soil, rainfall, sunlight – and a strong spirit of volunteerism.

This was in evident display in a recent tree planting activity at Mt. Banahaw in Sariaya, Quezon, by telecommunications giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, and its Japanese partner NTT Docomo.

The PLDT-Smart-NTT Docomo initiative to plant trees all over the country adds up to one big effort, according to PLDT-Smart Foundation President Butch Meily.

“It’s important because years from now, we hope to come back here and see that this is a forest. For now it’s just an empty mountain in some areas, so that means a big deal. It’s something we can tell our children about, and they can also enjoy it in the future,” he said. [Read More...]

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