Music sights and sounds on video

It was while watching Paramore’s The Final Riot! that I got to thinking about this. Pop stars must not only be heard. They should also be seen, most readily in music videos, the promo tool which changed the way we listen to pop music. Now there was actually a time when fans did not even know what their idols looked like. Being attractive helped but looks did not really matter. The admirers were content to just listen.

Not anymore. Aside from having to make efforts to keep their mugs visible everywhere, today’s pop stars must also be able to act through music videos. And while these were in the early days considered merely content for TV shows, these are now also available on video CDs for private viewing.

Fans like getting copies of musicIl Divo videos. I kept a tape copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller for years until the DVD was released. And record companies make sure they supply the demand. Selling videos and live concert footage is a good way to pay for their production cost and a great come-on for fans. They will not only be getting a CD but also freebies in the form of videos, live performances, interviews, photos, etc. etc.

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