Marriott made even better

Marriott Hotel Cebu City

It is hard to believe that a decade has already passed since the Cebu City Marriott Hotel opened to a welcoming public. Ten years down the line, the hotel has become the premier “Lifestyle Business Hotel of Cebu.” In this milestone, the Cebu Marriott is making sure that its significance will be more felt and enjoyed than ever before.

What better way to achieve this than by giving the hotel a new look from the bottom up? Just last December, the Marriott completed an extensive renovation process that will please both loyal guests and new visitors.

For starters, the lobby is more spacious than ever before. Tearing down the artificial pillars which took up space, the Marriott lobby is now wearing a hipper, brighter, more modern face, clean lines and all. Even the front desk is more open, so guests can easily have access to the staff in a jiffy without having to bump into a railing or another guest. 

“That is what we are doing now: to take the hotel to the next level,” says Cebu Marriott general manager Roy Abraham. “Through this renovation, which is the first we did in 10 years, we want it to look totally different from the rest of the hotels.”

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