Francine winning battle with the bulge

It took Francine Prieto more than a year to shed excess poundage.

“It was probably the biggest battle of my life,” admitted Francine, the face of Ever Bilena Silver Collection this past two years, without revealing how (very) heavy she had become. “But I’m happy to be back to my old shape. Well, konti na lang and I’m almost there.”

The culprit was stress.

“It was the first time that I was hit by stress that hard,” continued Francine. “In my kind of job, hindi maiwasan na ma-stress, di ba? To make things worse, I also happen to be a worrier. I am the family’s breadwinner (her mom and three siblings), so when I lost my (GMA show) Bahay Mo Ba’to last year, I started worrying. I have only one show left then, Bubble Gang, at wala pa akong ibang raket so I got really stressed out. And I started eating and eating.”

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