Angping named eighth PSC chair

Harry Angping, who’s deep into sports, business and politics, yesterday officially became the eighth chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission.

“It’s a very good sign that my appointment as the eighth PSC chairman came on Chinese New Year. It’s a very good sign of prosperity for RP sports,” he said.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo said President Arroyo appointed the former congressman yesterday, replacing William Ramirez.

“The Palace hopes that new PSC chair will serve as a worthy successor to Ramirez, who gave outstanding service to the commission,” Fajardo said.

“The new leadership is expected to further improve the lives of Filipino athletes, foster a nurturing environment, instill integrity, strengthen athletics education and sportsmanship in the country,” she said.

Angping, who served as a congressman in Manila (1998 to 2004), is a former president of the Amateur Softball Association of the Philippines and former board member of the Philippine Olympic Committee.

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