Gameworld: Videogames get set to go on vacation

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — With the holiday travel season fast approaching, videogame makers are making sure they have games and consoles handy for trains, planes and automobiles — and so are holiday destinations.


Nintendo is introducing two limited edition Nintendo DS bundles on Nov. 28 which include a Mario Red Nintendo DS with the New Super Mario Bros. game and an Ice Blue Nintendo DS with a matching carrying case and a copy ofBrain Age. In Japan, Nintendo recently introduced its next generation portable, Nintendo DSi, which adds two cameras, an SD card slot, an online game store, advanced music capabilities, larger screens and a slimmer body to the dual-screen handheld player.

The Nintendo DSi will be released in North America and Europe in 2009, about five years since it debuted the Nintendo DS in North America of which it has shipped over 84 million units.

Sony Corp. has a new portable game offering, the PSP 3000, which adds a high-resolution screen and a built-in microphone to let users call friends between games or movies.

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