A girl’s guide to self-defense

“I have pepper spray!” It’s a line we often hear from heroines when they are up against a cinematic brute. Over the past week, I’ve said that same line many times. And while those ladies in danger say it with apprehension and fear, I say it gleefully, proudly even.

My female friends ooohed and aaahed as I showed off my brand new can of pepper spray. None of us had ever seen one outside the silver and small screens of Hollywood. So, like excited little girls with a new Barbie doll, we were completely awed and absorbed by my new “toy.”

After passing around the can and shaking it to be sure there was actually something inside, one of the girls demanded that we try out the spray. As we weren’t being attacked, I had to say no because I could only use it for self-defense. She was quiet a moment before she said, “Then let’s ask someone to attack us so we can spray him.”

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