Truly Pinoy: Civil Engineers in Riyadh, Building Knowledge, Illuminating Minds

In the service of their fellow Civil Engineers in Riyadh, PICE-OFCER moves in the spirit of unity, dedication, responsibility and utmost passion.

The advent of civil engineering traces back thousands of years ago; back to the time when ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were at the height of their glory. Through the centuries, civilizations saw the birth of the world’s architectural wonders of today—from the Pyramids to the Parthenon, to the ancient Roman aqueducts, among others. The science by which physical and scientific principles are applied has evolved to present-day industrial design and construction applications of marvelous. The constant enhancements on acquired learning led to the rise of contemporary mega-structures such as the Petronas Towers and the world renowned Burj Dubai. All these developments we attribute to man’s insatiable craving for higher knowledge and his desire to build excellent structures. And as technology advances on a universal scale, the league of Filipino civil engineers zealously undertakes to maintain and improve their skills to be at par with their colleagues in the international arena. 

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